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Since 1976

Coons in Live Trap  Over the years, trappers including ourselves have found what works and stands up on the trap line, which is what we are offering in our live traps.  It is a trap that will do the job, last a good number of years and is made by someone who knows what other trappers need and expect for the money spent on trap equipment. These traps were designed by a trapper and have been manufactured for over 30 years right here in South Dakota where Hunting, Fishing & Trapping is still a way of life!

   These live traps can be set in a matter of seconds and will continue to work under adverse weather conditions.

This trap is well built and will withstand rough handling and heavy animal abuse. The unique door system sets this live trap apart from all the others by allowing such animals as skunks to be released and disposed of away from the trap and location

A Great Live Trap For

Game Farm Operators
Acreage Owners
City & Town Folk
Animal Control Specialists



Coon in Live Trap

Skunk in Live Trap

We also use these traps during the summer months to catch and relocate nuisance furbearers for landowners. These traps can double as transportation cages for easy and secure transporting.

Hope you give one a try!
(Our complete guide to setting and baiting tips are included free with each order.)

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